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Max Lappe
Executive Chef

A professional cook since he was 15 and proud culinary school dropout, his first love was the kitchen. Repetitive tasks like peeling and shucking in LA kitchens gradually gave way to the artistry of creating eclectic flavors and unusual combinations that bordered on the ironic. After working at Rustic Canyon with Jeremy Fox and Andy Doubrava, being sous chef at Dunsmoor, and crossing paths with Jacques Varon in Angler, his obsession with fire and simplicity drove him to co-lead this project where these concepts take center stage.

Jacques Varon
Executive Chef
+ Founder

A native of Houston, Texas, he possesses a rich tapestry of international culinary experiences that have shaped his expertise. He studied gastronomy in Austin and worked in prestigious restaurants like the two-Michelin-star INUA in Tokyo, and Angler in LA, where he met Max Lappe. During these experiences, he delved deep into the intricacies of Japanese cuisine and the art of live-fire cooking that is now a defining characteristic of Baso.